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Ampla Portugal is the perfect partner for creative agencies that want to give body to their work. The space is designed to receive customers, the team is always availeble to the clieny and within our network of contacts we can help in the choice of speakers, singers, producers and musicians necessary for the job. Plus, Ampla can help taking care of of anything related to copyright issues . We can work with packages of time, rappel covenants and we can also support the development of mock-ups to present to customers, sharing with the agency the sales effort.


At Ampla everyone share the pacion for music. We support music producers, bands and artists in the development of their work with all equipment, human resources, and financial conditions, plus the perfect environment  for their work to flow well. Our network allows finding all the solutions to embody any musical work, from composers, lyricists, producers, sound engineers, musicians or vocal coaches.  



Outdoor multitrack recording. Ampla Portugal can provide the equipment and the technicians for recording concerts and for broadcasting, being able also, through its department of video, to provide the video coverage with the post-mixture of the audio to be  used in TV or in the several online platforms.


Audio adaptations of foreign language films and animation dubbing. We have the perfect working conditions for clients who need adaptations, bringing their own announcers ans speakers, as well as a vast network of contacts of translators of multiple langages, singers, announcers, actors, to carry out the work. We still have vocal coaching and video edditing as well as we can put the subtitles. in cases where this is necessary.


2 DAW iMac G5 27’

Native Software Protools 12 

Waves Bundle Mercury + SSL

Main Interface, AD-DA + x4 pre-amps/DI: Focusrite Red4Pre

Conversor/bridge x16AD-x16DA/DANTE: Focusrite Rednet 2

Monitor Manager: Behringer Xenix Control 2 USB

2 Studio Monitors Neumann KH310 (suports I soacoustics)

4 Headphones Beyerdynamic DT 770 M

8 Headphone Amplifiers Behringer P1

Microphone Pre amp./DI valve TubeTech MP2A

Symmetric solid state pré amp Earthworks 1024

Pre amp + HPF/LPF Midas XL48

Pré amp Avalon 737SP

Pre Son Tronics Pre-amp

Noise Reducer/cleaner Cedar

1 Brauner VMA

2 Earthworks SR30mp

2 Earthworks SR25mp

2 Neumann TLM107

2 Audio-Technica ATM4050

2 Audio-Technica ATM350

1 Audio-Technica AE2500

1 Shure Beta 91A

4 Audix D4

2 Audix D6

2 Shure Beta58

2 Shure SM58

5 Shure SM57

1 Peavey Cardioid PV 1100

1 AKG C 414 B - ULS

Micro D112

Anti Reflectors

Micro 1000 C1000s

Micro Timbals

1 DI passive of x6 circuits Radial JD6 (transformers Jensen)

2 DI passiva Radial JDI

3 DI active Radial J48

1 DI active Boss DI-1

2 Filters SE Dual Pro Pop

2 Screens SE RF Space

2 Micro stands K&M small telescopic (floor)

8 Micro stands K&M medium telescopic

2 Micro stands K&M Micro stands

2 Micro stands K&M Micro stands (overhead)

6 music stands

2 Keyboard tripods

30 Headphones Sony

Headphone Beyr dinamic

Yamaha SPX 1000 (outboard vintage effects)

Yamaha SPX 990 (outboard efeitos vintage)

Grovebox (Beat Box vintage effects)

R8 (Beat-box vintage effects)

CDs copy machine CD D4000mkII


Yamaha Drum DM0F5

Yamaha Keyboard

Acoustic Steel Guitar Ibañez

12 strings Acoustic Guitar Vester 

Classical guitar António Carvalho

Percussion Gear

American Fender Stratocaster

Fender Squire Jaguar Bass

Congas with tripod

Bongos with tripod

Yamaha pedalboard for Bass

2 sound column JBL EON with tripod

Vaporizer Guitar Amp 

Tascam Mix Table

** In what concearns to this equipment the customer should mention his intention to use it because the equipment may be in use outside Ampla's  Studios.